Winchester Model 1894, Pre '64
New reproduction parts unless otherwise noted.

Product   Price
LBPS 1 Buttplate Screw, Hardened, (ea)   $4.00
P-W00712 Cartridge Guide ScrewEach, (2 req.)   $3.00
P-W00717 Extractor Pin   $3.00
P-W00719 Finger Lever Link Screw   $4.00
WSN2894 Finger Lever Pin, To Breechbolt   $5.50
WSN2994 Finger Lever Pin Stop Screw   $5.00
P-W00722 Firing Pin, Late, .075" Tip   $26.50
P-W00723 Firing Pin Stop Pin   $3.00
P-W00724 Firing Pin Striker   $6.00
P-W00725 Firing Pin Striker Stop Pin   $3.00
U344912390 Front Barrel Band Screw, Carbine   $3.50
45W Front Dovetail Sight, .25/.30/.32, Marble's Replacement   $20.00
344-007 Front Sight Cover, Late '94   $16.00
W92161 Front Sight Blade, Carbine, Nickel Silver   $40.00
U34927649 Carbine, Front Steel Sight Blade, .280" OA Height   $24.00
P-W00735 Hammer Screw 92/94   $4.50
P-W00736 Hammer Stirrup, Original   $8.00
P-W00737 Hammer Stirrup Pin   $3.00
C7300 Ladder Sight Base Screw   No Price
U240076 Ladder Sight Slide   No Price
W92135 Ladder Sight Slide Stop Screw, Carbine   No Price
P-W00720 Finger Lever To Link Pin   $4.00
P-W00721 Finger Lever To Link Pin Stop Screw   $4.00
WSN11094 Magazine Follower, All 1894 Cals.   $11.00
WSN15694NL Magazine Plug, Full mag. W/O Lip, All Cals   $30.00
W92084 Magazine Plug, Half Mag. W/Lip, All Cals.   $35.00
W92083 Magazine Plug, Half Mag. W/O Lip, All Cals.   $35.00
W92082 Magazine Plug, Button Mag., All Cals.   $35.00
U349994450 Mag. Plug, Late, Angle Eject   $25.00
P-S)1049 Magazine Plug Screw, Short, All Cals.   $3.50
WSN11994 Magazine Screw, Long, All Cals.   $4.50
WSN12194 Magazine Ring, W/Pinhole, All Cals   $35.00
W94010 Magazine Ring, W/O Pinhole (Takedown Rifle)   $35.00
WSN12394 Magazine Ring Pin   $3.00
M401395 Magazine Spring, Cut To Length, ..30/.32Spcl/.38/.44   $11.00
B200645 Magazine Tube, 30" (cut for shorter length)   $55.00
WSN10794 Mainspring, Pistol Grip   $40.00
P-W00809 Mainspring Screw   $3.50
P-W00750 Mainspring Strain Screw   $3.50
P-S01057 Peep Sight Plug Screw   $3.00
U349910040 Rear Barrel Band Screw, 1894 Carbine   $5.00
V242061AM Rear Sight Elevator,Parallel Notches, Winchester Pattern W/Serrated Thumb Piece   $18.00
UB242061AM Rear Sight Elevator, Angle Notches   $16.50
WSN3Assy Saddle Ring And Stud, Carbine   $40.50
WSN3R Saddle Ring Only, Carbine   $18.00
U349990580 Saddle Ring and Stud, Model 94 POST 1964/CURRENT   $32.50
V240094 Safety Catch Spring, Flat, "L" Shape  
W73215 Sear/Safety Catch Spring Screw   $3.50
W00763 Spring Cover Screw   $3.50
U344911390 Upper Tang Screw, Straight Grip   $6.00

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