Replacement Front and Rear Sights
Marble's "Game Getter" and Winchester Pattern Front and Rear Sights

"Game Getter" front sights have 1/16" Gold Bead, Sporting rear sights are available having Flat Top, Semi-Buckhorn Top, or Full Buckhorn Top.  Marble's Front Sights, nos. 31W, 34W, and 45W are barrel mounted, not for ramps. 

.Sights have standard 3/8" dovetails. 

Winchester 1892, and 1894 .32/.38 Cal. Rifles, Front


Winchester 1894, .25/.30/.32 Cal. Rifles, Front

Winchester Rear Sight, Replacement w/angle notch elevator

Winchester type Semi-Buckhorn rear sight with early angle notch elevator


Marlin 39, 39A W/O Ramp, and 336, SC, .35 Cal, Front


Marlin 36, and 336 Rifles and Carbines, Front


Winchester 92, 94, 64, 65, and 71 W/O Front Sight Ramp, Rear


Winchester 92, 94, Carbines, and Mdls. 63, 64, 65, Rear


Marlin 36 and 336, Rifles and Carbines, Rear


Marlin 39, and 39A W/ Ramp Front Sight, Rear


Slot Blank, 3/8" Dovetail, Blued


Non-Adjustabe Leaf Sight, Rear
Standard rear sight for intermediate issues of model 66 carbines and early model 1873 carbines.  May fit loosely in barrel dovetail and require tightening of dovetail for tighter fit.


Marble's Folding Windage Rear Sight
Marble's Rear Folding Sight, .360" High, Adjustable For Elevation And Windage


Marble's Folding Rear Sight
Marble's Folding Rear sight, Adjustable Elevation, .360 High